Flat Moss 500 g


The preserved Flat Moss 500 g is a high-quality, bright green, 100% natural bulk moss in a 500 g pack. Result of research and appropriate transformation procedures, preserved green is the new trend.

Stand the test of time

Preserved plants and flowers last for a long time, with no need for water, light or soil. No maintenance is required.

Adorn and decorate

Preserved green can cover an entire wall or just a panel, become a picture or be a decorative item.

Help the environment

Preserved plants are 100% natural, with a very low CO2 footprint, especially compared to living vegetation.

The preserved Flat Moss 500 g stands out from other plants combining the elegance and durability of preserved greenery. It is an exclusive 100% natural “evergreen” product. The perfect solution to fight throwaway culture and to choose innovative furniture!

Thanks to this product you can create an exclusive and customisable design, reproducing a natural atmosphere and reducing environmental noise. It can also add softness and tranquillity to the setting.

Weight 1 kg



Looking for an alternative?

If you’re searching for an alternative, you can choose this moss in the larger size, the bulk Flat Moss 2.5 kg. If you want to unleash your creativity, try the preserved Flat Moss kit. Finally, if you prefer a ready-made solution, opt for the preserved Flat Moss Wall.

Weight 1 kg


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