About us

We are a team of design and ecology lovers. Our little project has grown quickly, thanks to our customers and our selected top-quality products.

The idea

Edenaria is a brand of Area C srl, a young Italian company founded by Andrea Cavina in 2016 and based in Faenza, Emilia-Romagna.

Edenaria | Chi siamo

Edenaria was created out of the desire to raise awareness of preserved green in Italy and to share with our customers the passion for a sustainable world.

All the materials we sell and use are natural, harvested respecting the environment and guaranteed over time.

Preserved green craftsmen.

Edenaria brings your ideas to life thanks to our hand-crafted workshop. There we create panels, pictures, logos, and many other finished products.

Besides of selling products, we offer our expertise to guide each customer step by step in creating objects with his/her own hands and decorating his/her home.

Whether you want a finished product or you prefer to create your own preserved garden, our aim is to support you.

Customer service

You are always welcome to get in touch with us.

The passion for interior design and natural furniture identify and characterise our work. This is why we are excited to discuss these topics with our customers and delighted to share advice on products or new ideas for sustainable furniture.

The expert corner

Ready-made tips and tutorials.

Curious about building a vertical wall? Keen to create a preserved green panel? Many videos and articles about how to decorate your spaces and create furniture with your own hands are available in this section.

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