Preserved green allows nature to maintain all its original beauty along time.

A timeless beauty.

The stabilisation process allows every plant to last for a long time preserving all its characteristics with no need for any maintenance.

How do you preserve plants?

Greenery preservation is a patented process that replaces the plant sap with a specific 100% biodegradable mixture.

After being carefully selected the most beautiful plants and flowers enter the process to absorb the preservation mixture. After that, they are ready for the laying and drying period.
Plants are harvested respectfully and according to the applicable law in the country concerned.

When the preservation process is completed, plants and flowers can be packaged and they are ready to be used.

Why you should choose preserved green?

Stand the test of time

Preserved plants and flowers last for a long time, with no need for water, light or soil. No maintenance is required.

Adorn and decorate

Preserved green can cover an entire wall or just a panel, become a picture or be a decorative item.

Help the environment

Preserved plants are 100% natural, with a very low CO2 footprint, especially compared to living vegetation.


Here are the answers to FAQs about preserved green. Do you have any unsolved question? Write us and we will answer you.

Preserved green consists of natural plants and flowers that have undergone a 100% organic preservation process to retain their beauty and freshness.

Before entering the preservation process, the freshly picked plants and flowers are checked to remove any pests or harmful insects. Hence we can guarantee high-quality products.

The patented process allows plants to absorb a special mixture of natural and biodegradable preservatives. This mixture replaces the sap inside the plants, creating a real “snap-shot” of nature. After the laying period, the product is placed in a drying cell and then packaged.

Preserved green requires no maintenance, water or light.

Thanks to the treatments it undergoes and as it plastic free, preserved green does not attract dust. Despite this, if and when necessary, it is recommended to clean your preserved green composition with a duster.

Of course not! Water accelerates the ageing process of preserved green.

Water, direct light and heat are the three main enemies of preserved green, accelerating its ageing.

Preserved green lasts for many years. The actual duration depends on where you place it and how you take care of it. It can last even 10 years under optimum conditions.

To unleash your creativity and glue preserved green to the selected surface, we suggest to use transparent neutral silicone.
Watch the video on our blog and find out how to create a preserved Lichen panel.

To fix a wall there are two options: silicone or dowels.
Watch the video on our blog and find out how to precisely fix a preserved green Wall.

To cover an area of 1 sq m, 3.5 kg of preserved Lichen is required. Therefore, with our box of 500 g preserved Lichen it is possible to cover 0.15 sq m.

To cover an area of 1 sq m, 1 kg of preserved Flat Moss is required. Therefore, with our box of 500 g preserved Flat Moss it is possible to cover 0.5 sq m.

To cover an area of 1 sq m, 2 kg of preserved Polemoss is required. Therefore, with our box of 200 g preserved Polemoss it is possible to cover 0.10 sq m.

Yes, by accessing the designated section it will be possible to send us requests. We will send you a special price reserved for professionals. There is no separate price list.

Preserved Green can be placed anywhere indoor.
The environmental conditions needed include humidity within 20-80% and no water.

No, preserved green is only suitable for indoor environments. If placed outdoor, it will spoil in a short time.

If you place preserved green outdoor, even under a porch protected from the whether, its duration decreases proportionally to the exposure to elements (rain, fog, cold, etc.).

In the 80s, a French company discovered and patented this process.

No, preserved green remains soft and fragrant over time, without crumbling as dried green does.

Yes, no problem. Actually, preserved green products, especially green walls, have a remarkable sound-absorbing effect. Moreover, as it is 100% natural, it has only beneficial effects.

Yes, all our products have a legal warranty of 1 year for VAT and 2 years for other customers.

Yes, all our Walls are created by our workshop according to our costumers order. Therefore, we can use the materials you prefer.

Yes, all our Walls are created by our workshop according to our costumers order. Hence, we can create them of the size you prefer.

Orders are processed within 24 hours for the material in prompt delivery and within 10 working days from receipt of payment for the Walls.

All orders are shipped via express delivery (SDA or Bartolini). Preserved green is packaged so as not to get spoiled.
Boxes, pallets and supports are used to avoid damages to the product.

Yes, according our conditions of sale you have 14 days to return your products. The product has to be intact and in the original packaging.

Edenaria offers the following payment methods:
– Bank transfer;
– Credit card;
– Paypal;
– Satispay;
– Cash on delivery.

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