The infinite shapes of greenery offer the possibility of defining lines and spaces according to the tastes and needs of those who will be living there

Shaping the space with preserved green.

Whether homes or workplaces, plants have always been furnishing elements that create pleasant and vibrant environments.

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Use greenery in your project.

Do you have an idea, and would you like to receive support during the design?

Call us and let’s talk about it. Together we can shape your project and turn it into what’s on your mind.

If your design is defined and ready to be made, let’s get right on it!

Modern, elegant, and sustainable furnishing solutions.

Choosing a preserved green interior design means you can count on its advantages, including improvements in livability, healthfulness and appearance of your home.

A custom-built greenery design.

Green walls, vertical gardens, mosses, branches, or preserved flowers can be created in the sizes and shapes required by each project. Different types of preserved green can be also mixed in the same vertical wall or plant composition.

Besides being useful for the user, preserved plants are an opportunity for sustainable furnishing that offers endless design possibilities.

Each project is unique. We create your own.

The craftsmanship that characterises our workshops allows us to create customised solutions.

Our team of craftsmen and floral designers is the secret for furnishing indoor environments and creating tailored floral arrangements.


Easy and DIY. If necessary, we do it for you.

Our products have been conceived and designed to be installed by the customer. Along with the products, we provide all necessary information, including tutorials.

If you need help, you can always count on our support.

Request a customised wall.

Thanks to our workshop and craftsmen team, we create customised walls with your favourite product. Simply choose the plants to get the look you want. Inside you will find the form to calculate and request a personalised quote.

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