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Create an innovative and natural design with preserved green.

  • Sale! Centrotavola Green Belt stabilizzato

    Green Belt Centerpiece

    145,70 131,13

    Preserved Green Belt centerpiece wants to represent an extension of the landlord’s personality an extension of the senses. It aspires to tell a story and wants to contribute to the joy that is emanated around a table.

  • Sale! Vaso Flower Power stabilizzato

    Flower Power Pot

    126,70 114,03

    Preserved Flower Power Pot plays with flowers and colors and  it is capable of bringing joy and lightness to the environment in which it is inserted. All this without forgetting the theme of environmental protection and ecology.

  • Sale! Vaso Rosso di sera stabilizzato

    Rosso di sera Pot

    92,30 83,07

    Rosso di sera Preserved Pot takes its name from the colors dai colori that characterize it eit wants to be a good omen for the day to come. Give warmth to your environment thanks to this composition and remember that it does not require water.

  • Sale! Vaso Provenza stabilizzato

    Provenza Pot

    108,30 97,47

    Travelling to Provence means immersing yourself in a pastel world: from the purple of lavender to the yellow of sunflower fields, passing through the green of the vineyards. Preserved Provenza Pot is inspired by this visual and olfactory experience.

  • Sale! Vaso Eucaliptus stabilizzato

    Eucaliptus Pot

    58,00 52,20

    Preserved Eucalyptus Pot is made with many varieties of Eucalyptus and is thus capable of giving a touch of evergreen elegance to your home. Find out which essences our Floral Designer has chosen for this fantastic piece of furniture.

  • Sale! Vaso Sud Africa stabilizzato

    Sud Africa Pot

    54,90 49,41

    Ming Fern is known as the ornamental plant of South Africa. This is where the name of our splendid piece of furniture comes from: Preserved Sud Africa Pot. Simple and with soft features, you can place it in any environment.

  • Sale! Vaso Edera stabilizzato

    Ivy Pot

    73,10 65,79

    Preserved Ivy Pot is a simple piece of furniture, but capable of filling any environment. Just like in nature, where ivy does not require particular attention, so too the preserved one will resist over time without needing any maintenance.

  • Sale! Aromi stabilizzati in barattolo

    Flavors in a jar

    39,20 35,28

    An organic corner just for you: why not opt ​​for our preserved aromas in a jar? Thanks to this article, your green corner will become even more…natural! Let yourself be overwhelmed by the scents of Lavender, Cinerea Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

  • Sale! Segnaposti ortensia stabilizzata

    Hydrangea Placeholders

    46,80 42,12

    Preserved Hydrangea Placeholders convey elegance and vitality surprising the diners. The six different objects give a touch of color and liveliness to the table, making it unique and impactful.

  • Sale! Quadro "Estratto di Natale" stabilizzato

    “Estratto di Natale” Panel

    187,80 169,02

    Preserved “Estratto di Natale” panel is one of the most original gift ideas you can find for Christmas! Let yourself be carried away in the atmosphere that is created on December 25th.

  • Sale! Quadro "Fireworks" stabilizzato

    “Fireworks” Panel

    164,50 148,05

    Preserved “Fireworks” panel is one of the most original gift ideas you can find for Christmas! Let yourself be carried away in the atmosphere that is created on December 31st.

  • Sale! Quadro "Wood" stabilizzato

    “Wood” Panel

    240,40 216,36

    Our preserved “Wood” panel recalls a mountain path, with the classic vegetation and wooden discs to mark the path.

  • Sale! Quadro "Silva" stabilizzato

    “Silva” panel

    356,30 320,67

    Preserved “Silva” panel recalls an English garden and for this reason it takes the name of Ettore Silva, who introduced them in Italy.

  • Sale! Quadro "Sweet November" stabilizzato

    “Sweet November” Panel

    253,30 227,97

    Preserved “Sweet November” panel unequivocally recalls the autumn period due to the presence of red oak.

  • Sale! Quadro "Giardino Zen" stabilizzato

    “Giardino Zen” Panel

    285,00 256,50

    Our preserved “Giardino Zen” panel makes us think of meditation and the synesthetic experience that one can have with nature.

  • Sale! Quadro "Ispirazione Sardegna" stabilizzato

    “Ispirazione Sardegna” Panel

    156,10 140,49

    Our preserved “Ispirazione Sardegna” panel is characterized by a mix of mosses and cork, which grows abundantly in Sardinia.

  • Sale! Quadro "Jungle" stabilizzato

    “Jungle” Panel

    254,30 228,87

    Preserved “Jungle” panel evokes tropical scenarios, where different varieties of plants intertwine, giving shape to an intriguing mix.

  • Sale! Quadro Polemoss stabilizzato

    Polemoss Panel

    195,30 175,77

    Preserved Polemoss panel is characterized by the wonderful “ball moss”, a completely natural spherical moss.

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