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  • Sale! Lichene stabilizzato colorato 500 grLichene stabilizzato colorato 500 gr

    Coloured Lichen 500 g

    Original price was: 38,20€.Current price is: 30,56€.

    The coloured preserved Lichen 500 g is a high-quality preserved Nordic Lichen, it is available in many different colours. It has no need of maintenance.


    Coloured Lichen 3.5 kg

    Original price was: 227,60€.Current price is: 182,08€.

    The preserved Coloured Lichen 3.5 kg is a box of bulk lichen made to cover a surface of 1 sq. m of your panel or green wall.

  • Sale! Preserved Water fern

    Water Fern

    Original price was: 26,00€.Current price is: 13,00€.

    Preserved Water Fern is an ornamental plant with long thin stems and delicate green-toned leaves.

  • Sale! Eucalipto Cinerea rossa stabilizzata

    Eucalyptus Cinerea

    Original price was: 22,80€.Current price is: 15,96€.

    The preserved Eucalyptus Cinerea is composed of eucalyptus twigs characterised by small egg-shaped green leaves with silvery veins.

  • Sale! Preserved Rosemary


    Original price was: 25,30€.Current price is: 17,71€.

    Preserved Rosemary is a set of sprigs of Rosmarinus officinalis, the evergreen with typical narrow, lanceolate and opposite leaves.

  • Sale! Preserved bicolour HydrangeaPreserved bicolour Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Flower in a box

    Original price was: 18,50€.Current price is: 11,10€.

    The preserved Hydrangea flower in a box is a very elegant product, made up of small sprigs of this magnificent plant.

  • Sale! Rosa arcobaleno stabilizzataPreserved Rose on stem 55 cm

    Rainbow rose with stem 55 cm

    Original price was: 15,70€.Current price is: 10,99€.

    Rainbow Rose with 55 cm stem is perfect for who wants to give a little bit of color and it is perfect to be used in the intern of a bouquet and compositions.

    Articolo venduto singolarmente.

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  • Rose on stem 55 cm


    The preserved Rose on stem 55 cm, belonging to the variety of Lovely Rose, is presented in its special and elegant gift box.

  • Sale! Preserved Rose on stem 27.5 cmPreserved Rose on stem 27.5 cm

    Rose on stem 27.5 cm

    Original price was: 10,10€.Current price is: 5,05€.

    The preserved Rose on stem 27.5 cm, from the Lovely variety, is available in 10 different colours, is in a special and elegant gift box.

  • Sale!

    Garden Rose head – Box of 6

    Original price was: 37,70€.Current price is: 18,85€.

    The preserved Garden Rose head – Box of 6 are rose buds, this variety is particularly showy with its multiple flattened petals. Rose buds are presented in an elegant 6 flowers box.

  • Sale! Preserved Anastasia Chrysanthemum in various colours



    Preserved Parnation is an elegant flower that stands out for its thick, jagged and delicate petals, available in boxes of 6 pieces.

  • Sale! Lichen Wall MulticolorLichen Wall Multicolor

    Lichen Wall Multicolor

    Original price was: 229,80€.Current price is: 160,86€.

    Multicolor Lichen Wall is a soft and soft to the touch preserved green panel, characterized by a mix of lichens of different colors.

  • Sale!

    Provenza Pot

    Original price was: 108,30€.Current price is: 75,81€.

    Travelling to Provence means immersing yourself in a pastel world: from the purple of lavender to the yellow of sunflower fields, passing through the green of the vineyards. Preserved Provenza Pot is inspired by this visual and olfactory experience.

  • Sale! Quadro Polemoss stabilizzato

    Polemoss Panel

    Original price was: 195,30€.Current price is: 136,71€.

    Preserved Polemoss panel is characterized by the wonderful “ball moss”, a completely natural spherical moss.

  • Sale! Preserved Love is Love BouquetPreserved Love is Love Bouquet

    Love is Love bouquet

    Original price was: 81,40€.Current price is: 56,98€.

    Preserved Love is Love bouquet is a hymn to love in all its forms and facets and is characterized by three colored roses.

  • Sale! Preserved Country BouquetPreserved Country Bouquet

    Country bouquet

    Original price was: 104,10€.Current price is: 72,87€.

    Preserved Country bouquet is a bouquet that is characterized by its simple but extremely lively soul.

  • Sale! Bonsai Ginepro Simple Root stabilizzato 25 cmBonsai Ginepro Simple Root stabilizzato 25 cm

    Juniper Bonsai Simple Root 25 cm

    Original price was: 184,80€.Current price is: 129,36€.

    The preserved Juniper Bonsai Simple Root 25 cm is a small juniper tree characterised by many thin twigs forming a dense foliage.

  • Sale! Preserved Pittosporum Ball 65 cmPreserved Pittosporum Ball 65 cm

    Pittosporum Ball 65 cm

    Original price was: 485,10€.Current price is: 291,06€.

    The preserved Pittosporum Ball 65 cm is 65 cm high. It is characterised by a dense spherical foliage composed by tiny leaves.

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