The Mediterranean Maquis

If you close your eyes and think of the Mediterranean maquis, you are inevitably carried away by the idea of nature, well-being, freshness and…holidays!
Mediterranean Maquis
Mediterranean Maquis

This type of vegetation is not easy to find in the city and it is even more difficult to bring it at home: to this end, the range of branches of preserved green comes to our aid.
With our branches and your imagination, you can create a bouquet, a wall picture or a completely natural composition. You can set free your creativity, furnishing in an innovative way and still not very widespread. These items will bring the scent of the Mediterranean maquis near you.

All materials are completely natural and do not need any maintenance to last over time. They will remain as beautiful as the first day. Preserved Green also does not need water. The products are to be used indoor, away from strong sources of direct light (halogen lamps, headlights etc…) that cause accelerated ageing. Thanks to these precautions, our preserved green branches, so beautiful, natural and versatile, represent the simple and original solution for our spaces and walls.

Discover the plants of the Mediterranean maquis for sale on our website, and find the one that suits you: Lavender, Boxwood Branches, Oak Branches and many others. You can use the preserved green branches to create exclusive designs and soften and customise your spaces, and bring the Mediterranean Maquis into your home or workplace.

In addition, the Eucalyptus family, native to Oceania and Australia, is also present in the Mediterranean area and characterises the Mediterranean maquis. The Eucalyptus trees on sale on our website are the Eucalyptus Nicoly, the Eucalyptus Parvifolia, the Eucalyptus Populus, the Baby Blue Eucalyptus and the Cinerea Branches.

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