fern for compositions

  • Sale! Preserved Parchment Fern Branches

    Parchment Fern Branches

    23,60 21,24

    The preserved Parchment Fern Branches are 10 fern stems, Fougere Parchment variety. This plant is ideal to create floral DIY compositions.

  • Sale! Rami di felce brillante stabilizzati

    Brilliant Fern Branches

    24,80 22,32

    The preserved Brilliant Fern Branches are 9/10 fern stems, Adiantum raddianum variety. This plant is ideal to create floral compositions.


  • Sale!

    Leatherleaf Fern Branches

    20,70 18,63

    The preserved Leatherleaf Fern Branches are 9/10 fern stems, and belong to the species Rumohra adiantiformis. This plant is ideal to create floral DIY compositions.

  • Rock Fern Branches

    21,20 19,08

    The preserved Rock fern branches are Fern stems. Its smooth and elegant leaf is perfect to fit into any environment.

  • Sale!

    Plume Fern Branches

    19,90 17,91

    The preserved Plume Fern Branches are 10 fern stems which belong to the variety Fougere Plume. This plant is ideal to create DIY floral compositions.

  • Sale!

    Fern Branches


    The preserved Fern Branches are 6 light and delicate fern stems, ideal for your green compositions, panels or other preserved items.

  • Pteridium Fern

    34,40 30,96

    Preserved Pteridium fern is a bunch of fern branches characterized by a multitude of leaves placed specularly on the stems.

  • Sale! Preserved Mountain FernPreserved Mountain Fern

    Mountain Fern

    36,90 33,21

    The candid tone of the Preserved Mountain Fern will go perfectly with your Christmas decorations. Give uniqueness thanks to this product!

  • Sale! Preserved Water fern

    Water Fern


    Preserved Water Fern is an ornamental plant with long thin stems and delicate green-toned leaves.

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