Ivy for compositions

  • Ivy Branches


    The preserved Ivy Branches are small bouquets of branches with green or red leaves, ideal for your green compositions.

  • Ivy Leaves


    The preserved Ivy Leaves are green leaves with light veins, ideal for decorating or making compositions.

  • Vaso Provenza stabilizzato

    Provenza Pot


    Travelling to Provence means immersing yourself in a pastel world: from the purple of lavender to the yellow of sunflower fields, passing through the green of the vineyards. Preserved Provenza Pot is inspired by this visual and olfactory experience.

  • Sale! Vaso Edera stabilizzato

    Ivy Pot


    Preserved Ivy Pot is a simple piece of furniture, but capable of filling any environment. Just like in nature, where ivy does not require particular attention, so too the preserved one will resist over time without needing any maintenance.

  • Quadro "Sweet November" stabilizzato

    “Sweet November” Panel


    Preserved “Sweet November” panel unequivocally recalls the autumn period due to the presence of red oak.

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