moss for compositions

  • Flat Moss 500 g

    The preserved Flat Moss 500 g is a high-quality, bright green, 100% natural bulk moss in a 500 g pack.
  • Bulk Flat Moss 2.5 kg


    The bulk preserved Flat Moss 2.5 kg pack can cover an area of 2.5 square meter of your green wall or panel.

  • Preserved Hair Moss 200 grPreserved Hair Moss 200 gr

    Hair Moss 200 gr


    Preserved Hair Moss 200 gr is a completely natural type of moss and allows you to create interesting volumes and contrasts.

  • Preserved Rock Moss 200 grPreserved Rock Moss 200 gr

    Rock Moss 200 gr


    Preserved Rock Moss 200 gr is a completely natural type of moss and is harvested in France on rocky surfaces.

  • Quadro "Ispirazione Sardegna" stabilizzato

    “Ispirazione Sardegna” Panel


    Our preserved “Ispirazione Sardegna” panel is characterized by a mix of mosses and cork, which grows abundantly in Sardinia.

  • Quadro "Estratto di Natale" stabilizzato

    “Estratto di Natale” Panel


    Preserved “Estratto di Natale” panel is one of the most original gift ideas you can find for Christmas! Let yourself be carried away in the atmosphere that is created on December 25th.

  • Quadro "Wood" stabilizzato

    “Wood” Panel


    Our preserved “Wood” panel recalls a mountain path, with the classic vegetation and wooden discs to mark the path.

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