natural lichen

  • Sale! Lichene stabilizzato colorato 500 gr

    Coloured Lichen 500 g


    The coloured preserved Lichen 500 g is a high-quality preserved Nordic Lichen, it is available in many different colours. It has no need of maintenance.

  • Sale! LICHENE STABILIZZATO COLORATO 3,5 KGLichene stabilizzato colorato 3,5 kg

    Coloured Lichen 3.5 kg


    The preserved Coloured Lichen 3.5 kg is a box of bulk lichen made to cover a surface of 1 sq. m of your panel or green wall.

  • Quadro "Estratto di Natale" stabilizzato

    “Estratto di Natale” Panel


    Preserved “Estratto di Natale” panel is one of the most original gift ideas you can find for Christmas! Let yourself be carried away in the atmosphere that is created on December 25th.

  • Quadro Lichene stabilizzato

    Lichen Panel


    Our preserved Lichen Panel is available in eight different colors and will allow you to give softness to any environment.

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