Parchment Fern

  • Rami di felce ParchmentRami di felce Parchment

    Parchment Fern Branches


    The preserved Parchment Fern Branches are 10 fern stems, Fougere Parchment variety. This plant is ideal to create floral DIY compositions.

  • Preserved Green Wall PlusPreserved Green Wall Plus

    Green Wall Plus


    The preserved Green Wall is a modular vertical panel made of Flat Moss and Polemoss, richly decorated with many preserved branches and leaves.

  • Undergrowth Panel


    This panel evokes the undergrowth, allowing you to combine the different styles of moss, polemoss and lichen.

  • Colour Preserved KitColour Preserved Kit

    Colour Panel Kit


    Our Preserved Colour Panel Kit will allow you to test your manual skills.

  • Undergrowth Panel Kit


    In the Preserved Undergrowth Panel Kit you can find everything you need to create your preserved wall with your own hands!

  • Plantica bouquet


    Preserved Plantica bouquet combines small Solidago flowers with the sweet shapes of the Parchment Fern and the Tiki Fern.

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