preserved eucalyptus Nicoly

  • Eucalipto Nicoly stabilizzato

    Eucalyptus Nicoly


    The preserved Eucalyptus Nicoly is a set of small twigs of eucalyptus with long and narrow leaves. It’s perfect for DIY floral composition.

  • Green Belt Centerpiece


    Preserved Green Belt centerpiece wants to represent an extension of the landlord’s personality an extension of the senses. It aspires to tell a story and wants to contribute to the joy that is emanated around a table.

  • Quadro "Jungle" stabilizzato

    “Jungle” Panel


    Preserved “Jungle” panel evokes tropical scenarios, where different varieties of plants intertwine, giving shape to an intriguing mix.

  • Preserved Nicoly Tree 130 cmPreserved Nicoly Tree 180 cm

    Nicoly Tree 130 cm


    The preserved Nicoly Tree 130 cm is 1.30 meter high and it is characterised by small twigs of the Eucalyptus Nicoly variety.

  • Albero Nicoly stabilizzato 180 cm

    Nicoly Tree 180 cm


    Preserved Nicoly tree 180 cm is a preserved plant characterized by a set of little Eucalipto Nicoly’s branches 

  • Albero Wide Nicoly stabilizzato 180 cm

    Wide Nicoly Tree 180 cm


    Wide Nicoly Preserved tree 180 cm is characterized by a thick crown, composed by little  Green Eucalyptus Nicoly’s branches 

  • Sale! Preserved Wide Nicoly Tree red 130 cm

    Wide Nicoly Tree red 130 cm


    The preserved Wide Nicoly Tree red is characterised by a dense foliage composed of small twigs of the red Eucalyptus Nicoly variety.

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