Salal Branches

  • Rami di Salal stabilizzatiRami di Salal stabilizzati

    Salal Branches


    The preserved Salal Branches are twigs characterised by a dense and resistant foliage. It’s perfect for your green and floral composition.

  • Preserved Forest WallPreserved Forest Wall

    Forest Wall


    Preserved Forest wall is a panel in styrofoam completely covered by a beautiful, dense forest.

  • Preserved Cork in bloom WallCork in bloom Preserved Wall

    Cork in bloom Wall


    Preserved Cork in bloom Wall is a wall with Bulk Rock and lime Lichen at the basis, enriched by Cork and Hydrangea flowers.

  • Quadro "Silva" stabilizzato

    “Silva” panel


    Preserved “Silva” panel recalls an English garden and for this reason it takes the name of Ettore Silva, who introduced them in Italy.

  • Colour Preserved KitColour Preserved Kit

    Colour Panel Kit


    Our Preserved Colour Panel Kit will allow you to test your manual skills.

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