Spring-Summer 2021 Compositions

Unforgettable gift

Preserved Victoria bouquetGift our Spring-Summer 2021 preserved green compositions or, if you prefer, bouquet, means giving something that will make you unforgettable!
Normally the classic bouquets, with some ruse, can last up to 2 weeks at most; those of dried flowers a few weeks more, then they begin to crumble. Artificial ones…well, I’d say those just aren’t gifts.

On the contrary, preserved green, therefore also the Spring-Summer  2021 compositions, will last for years, maintaining the naturalness, colours, scents and softness of the living green.
That is not just about Roses, which are a beautiful classic. In our new collection we have tried to mix the beauty and elegance of Roses, with the colours and audacity of Gerberas, the new shapes and the delicate pastel colours of Peegee Hydrangeas. Still, the delicate colours of the Diosmi, the rounded shapes of the Lanuginosa and the preserved Lavender, which keeps the colours and scents as if it were just picked. 

A special mention should be made for the Milky Way Wreath, characterised by the original Half-Moon shape, but above all refined, full of delicate colours and materials worked with very small twigs.

Going back to Roses and Hydrangeas, they are classics, but in this collection you will find them in peculiar shades, such as champagne, peach, pink/cream bicolor, etc.
Obviously, in addition to the ”protagonists”, in the compositions you will find Salal branches, with its beautiful double-faced leaves and the Baby Blue Eucalyptus, with its round leaflets with blue-gray streaks. Or again, Tiki Fern branches, filling the spaces with their needle-like leaves, and the Gypsophila, also known as Baby’s Breath, with its small cream-coloured flowers.

Preserved Romantic essence bouquet

Our research, in addition to shapes, is mainly focused on materials. We want you to always try new essences, which are not only original but also beautiful. They always leave amazed those who receive your gift!
We remind you again that preserved green does not need any maintenance: it should not be wet (it would spoil) and it should not be left outdoors (rain, moisture and sun would ruin it). If you simply keep it  inside in a lovely vase, or lying on a flat surface, it will retain its beauty for years.

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