The idea

The idea At one particular moment in my working life, I found myself torn between a carefree (economically) routine job and a new road that I had long dreamed of. One of those things you always tell your wife and friends, but never do. That time I chose to try and with a little savings, a lot of work and the support of my family, I bought a pc, a car and started exploring the Green Market in Italy and in the world.

I began, with a lot of audacity, to call the entrepreneurs who had a company in the sector and ask them for a meeting. From these meetings I wanted to understand how the green market worked and above all I wanted to figure out how my commercial ideas could settle in. For almost 6 months I travelled far and wide in Italy and abroad, exploring the web and jotting down business plans time after time. I think that my strength was knowing how customers behave. Hence every research and reasoning had to be traced back there. I was very close to concluding partnership agreements with thriving companies. I received more than one job offer that took me elsewhere, but the more I searched and the more my nose told me that that was the right way.

The “green” market in Italy lives between continuous crises and great potential, but it is also undersized at a structural level. Just step out of the house, in Holland and/or Germany, to see what things you can do. Our company wants to seize the full potential of this sector, addressing issues such as indoor bioclimatology, furniture, creativity, naturalness, well-being, relaxation. Those listed above are the aspects that greenery touches and influences in our work environments and in our homes. There are “tons” of documents showing how plants improve our lives (if you want material write to us). This is the idea, the rest is done by the people who work with me and the organization we have given ourselves!

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