Preserved Green: applications and curiosity

Unknown to many in Italy, but with such great potential. All you need to know about preserved green and why buy it.

In Italy we hear little talk of preserved green and those few who have heard of it do not know what it is. Some people know roses, the most common of the preserved products on the market but ignore everything else. Let’s be clear and let’s start with the history of this conservation technique.

Plants stabilization was initially carried out to preserve the roses, which at particular moments of overproduction would have been thrown away given the surplus. Then over time the process was developed and now there are many vegetables treated with this 100% natural technique.

The process to obtain preserved green begins with the control of pests or harmful insects, and when you are sure of the quality of the plant, it is soaked in a substance based on natural glycerin and water that replaces the sap of the plants, rather than flowers or mosses. After the laying period, the product is placed in a drying cell and then packaged.
Plants treated in this way preserve all prerogatives of a real one (softness, beauty, color etc …), but they no longer need anything (neither water, light, earth, etc …) and are preserved for a long time (even 5 years).

This material has enormous potential, because it transforms green into a universal element that is used in the most varied ways within our homes and offices without the limits of real plants. Without needing to be watered or maintained, it allows you to furnish your spaces in an innovative way. The only trick for these products is to keep them away from strong sources of direct light (halogen lamps, headlights, etc.) that accelerate aging, as well as direct sunlight (they should not be exposed to the outside).
The preserved green is still not widespread, but even more it allows you to create exclusive and customizable designs. Softens the space and creates a natural environment as well as reducing environmental noise.

You can use it for flower arrangements, wall coverings, panels, paintings and more, to give life to your creativity. In fact we can achieve what you want: walls in moss with vegetable / floral inserts, framework of roses and hydrangeas, spheres of moss or lichen, frame with leaves and flowers of all kinds, trees and plants ranging from 25 cm high bonsai to tall palms 3/4 meters. So now the availability is very wide and varied.

This is the fascinating story with everything you need to know about preserved green, an exclusive world to be discovered. In the next publications we will then show you, more specifically the various applications for each individual plant.

Continue to follow “The Expert Corner” and you will discover many answers to everyday problems! Meanwhile, we are waiting for your questions or curiosity to give you more help, click here or write in the comments.

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