Love at first sight…preserved Green

Feel like living in contact with nature also living in a studio apartment in Milan? You can. Thanks to preserved Green. Forgetting “dried flowers” that can give life to beautiful compositions but that have an unpleasant smell and tend to fade and crumble over time. A new trend, result of research and appropriate transformation procedures, is precisely that of preserved green.

Advice cannot be useful and interesting if are no real and disinterested, for this reason we give space to friends and customers to tell us about their experiences and stories. Today it is Patrizia Bertolotti who talks to us about her passion that has become more than just a hobby. A nature’s lover and a green mood that wants to tell us about her encounter with preserved green. Patrizia is the director of the national magazine “That’s Italia” which in the April-May magazine will dedicate a large article to preserved green in which Andrea Cavina will reveal the secrets of plant’s stabilization.

“My experience comes from the encounter, on this site, with this technique and the discovery of infinite possibilities it can offer. From the first orders of bulk material a new view of nature has opened up that I have always loved to bring – as far as possible – even at home.

The lightning strike occurred with my first panel made with polemoss, lichen and wood collected by the sea. Looking at my “creation”, I was surprised by how nature repeats its patterns in a magnificent matrix: lichen resembles a venous system, moss is like a green fur, wood, and stones, remind bones. In a small painting nature revives and captures attention and soul, making the mind travel in landscapes that, having lost boundaries of the frame, become imaginary spaces. Be quiet and beautiful. Then approaching, the smell of undergrowth really evokes walks in the mountains or in a park.

The preserved green is also this: to live a moment in face to face with Mother Nature. And this too: to open the imagination and creativity on infinite horizons. Creating paintings and furnishing objects by oneself, gives way to expressing one’s own sensitivity and vision. From a table-garden frame to an entire green wall, from a stone to a lamp “inhabited” by mosses, flowers and lichens, finally our house can become an enchanting garden where you can be embraced by a feeling of harmony and relaxation that only the plant world knows how to give. “

Continue to follow ” Expert’s advice ” and you will discover many answers to everyday problems! We and Patrizia expect your questions or curiosity to give you more help, click here or write in the comments.

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