Hydrangea Flower in a box


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The preserved Hydrangea flower in a box is a very elegant product, made up of small sprigs of this magnificent plant.

The Preserved Hydrangea flower in a box is a very elegant product, composed of small branches of this magnificent plant.

Native to South-East Asia, it is known by the scientific name of Hydrangea and it perfectly matches inside bouquets, paintings or realizations of various types.

Weight 0,5 kg

Light Orange, Mint White, Natural white

This preserved article can be used for wedding arrangements, decorations and in the most beautiful flower arrangements. A composition that uses this kind of flower offers beauty and durability, without any need of water, light or earth.

Hydrangea Flower in a box stands out from any plant because it combines the elegance and durability of stabilized green. A perfect mix between the fight against disposable culture and innovative furniture, it is an “evergreen” product, 100% natural and exclusive.

Thanks to this product you can create exclusive and customizable designs, creating natural environments and reducing environmental noise. It also allows you to soften the space.

The shipment of this product will take place within 24 hours from the time of order.

Stand the test of time

Preserved plants and flowers last for a long time, with no need for water, light or soil. No maintenance is required.

Adorn and decorate

Preserved green can cover an entire wall or just a panel, become a picture or be a decorative item.

Help the environment

Preserved plants are 100% natural, with a very low CO2 footprint, especially compared to living vegetation.


Are you looking for an alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative to the preserved Hydrangea flower in a box, we offer you the Hydrangea. Otherwise, we recommend the Cork Wall in Bloom or, alternatively, the Ortensia Bouquet.

Weight 0,5 kg

Light Orange, Mint White, Natural white

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