white hydrangea

  • Sale! Preserved HydrangeaPreserved Hydrangea



    The preserved Hydrangea is an elegant inflorescence characterised by the many small flowers, available in a wide range of colours.

  • Sale! Preserved bicolour HydrangeaPreserved bicolour Hydrangea

    Bicolour Hydrangea


    The preserved Hydrangea with stem is an elegant inflorescence characterised by the many small flowers.

  • Sale! Preserved bicolour HydrangeaPreserved bicolour Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Flower in a box


    The preserved Hydrangea flower in a box is a very elegant product, made up of small sprigs of this magnificent plant.

  • Sale! Segnaposti ortensia stabilizzata

    Hydrangea Placeholders

    46,80 42,12

    Preserved Hydrangea Placeholders convey elegance and vitality surprising the diners. The six different objects give a touch of color and liveliness to the table, making it unique and impactful.

  • Sale! Preserved Country BouquetPreserved Country Bouquet

    Country bouquet

    104,10 93,69

    Preserved Country bouquet is a bouquet that is characterized by its simple but extremely lively soul.

  • Sale! Preserved Romantic Essence BouquetPreserved Romantic Essence Bouquet

    Romantic Essence Bouquet

    143,20 128,88

    The preserved Romantic Essence Bouquet, thanks to the five champagne roses, is the expression of romanticism.

  • Sale! Preserved Victoria BouquetPreserved Victoria Bouquet

    Victoria bouquet

    80,00 72,00

    Preserved Victoria Bouquet, characterized by graceful shapes and the delicacy of the colors, made us think of a queen.

  • Sale! Preserved Coral BouquetPreserved Coral Bouquet

    Coral Bouquet


    Preserved Coral Bouquet recalls the coral reef, in shapes and colors, becoming the perfect bouquet for the summer.

  • Sale! Preserved Oceania BouquetPreserved Oceania Bouquet

    Oceania Bouquet

    83,10 74,79

    The colors of the preserved Oceania Bouquet remind us of the sea and the tones that the water takes on as we move away from the coast.

  • Sale! Preserved Love is Love BouquetPreserved Love is Love Bouquet

    Love is Love bouquet

    74,00 66,60

    Preserved Love is Love bouquet is a hymn to love in all its forms and facets and is characterized by three colored roses.

  • Sale! Preserved Essential bouquetPreserved Essential bouquet

    Essential Bouquet

    24,00 21,60

    Preserved Essential Bouquet is a bouquet that enhances the vivacity of Lavender, inserted in a fan of flowers and plants.

  • Sale! Preserved Mily way GarlandPreserved Mily way Garland

    Milky Way Wreath

    44,80 40,32

    Preserved Milky Way Garland has the shape of a crescent and is characterized by colors capable of creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

  • Sale! Preserved Hydrangea BouquetPreserved Hydrangea Bouquet

    Hydrangea bouquet

    60,50 54,45

    Preserved Hydrangea Bouquet is a bouquet with white hydrangea and cinerea branches, to give a touch of evergreen elegance to your home.

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