preserved bunch

  • Gynerium

    The preserved Gynerium is a bunch formed by many very thin and long stems, which fan out.
  • Bear grass


    The preserved Bear grass is a bunch formed by narrow, long, and flexible leaves, which fan out.

  • Preserved SolidagoBurgundi Preserved Solidago 40/60 cm



    The preserved Solidago is a bunch of slender branches with small round flowers and lance-shaped leaves.

  • White Vibes centrotavola stabilizzato

    White Vibes Centrotavola


    Il White Vibes centrotavola stabilizzato è un’elegante composizione dai toni candidi, che riprende i colori della neve.

  • Country bouquet


    This preserved bunch has a sparkling yet simple design.

  • Romantic essence bouquet


    The preserved Romantic essence bouquet, thanks to the five champagne roses is the expression of romanticism.

  • Victoria bouquet


    The graceful shapes of the preserved Victoria bouquet, combined with the delicacy of its colours, immediately recalls royalty.

  • Coral bouquet


    The shapes and colours of the preserved Coral bouquet recalls the coral reefs, becoming the perfect composition for the summer.

  • Oceania bouquet


    Our preserved Oceania bouquet is designed with the colours of the sea and the shades of water in mind.

  • Love is Love bouquet


    The preserved Love Is Love bouquet is a hymn to love and it is characterized by three coloured roses. With this preserved bouquet, you can reveal all the shades of your love.

  • Essential Bouquet


    The brightness of lavender is enhanced by the preserved Essential Bouquet, in mix of flowers and plants.

  • Milky Way Wreath


    Our half-moon shape preserved Milky Way Wreath is characterised by soft, relaxing colours that create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

  • Preserved Hydrangea bouquet

    Hydrangea bouquet


    The hydrangea preserved Bouquet consists of a mix of white hydrangea flowers and branches Eucalyptus Cinerea, that provide a touch of evergreen elegance to your home.

  • Preserved Autumn bouquetPreserved Autumn bouquet

    Autumn bouquet


    The preserved Autumn bouquet combines branches of red Eucalyptus Nicoly, Diosmi and Oak, that add a touch of evergreen elegance to your home.

  • Preserved Spring bouquetPreserved Spring bouquet

    Spring bouquet


    The preserved Spring bouquet is a unique bunch of red roses, tastefully enriched with different preserved plants that gives a touch of evergreen elegance to your home.

  • Preserved Fleur bouquet

    Fleur bouquet


    The preserved Fleur bouquet consists of a lush base of green and yellow Broom Flowers pierced with a red Rose that blooms in the middle.

  • Preserved Freedom bouquetPreserved Freedom bouquet

    Freedom bouquet


    The preserved Freedom bouquet includes branches of Eucalyptus Baby Blue, Stoebe Byzantium-coloured and red Eucalyptus Nicoly that gives a touch of evergreen elegance to your home.

  • Preserved Purity bouquetPreserved Purity bouquet

    Purity bouquet


    The preserved Purity bouquet joins white roses surrounded with a mix of lush greenery in the form of Eucalyptus that will give a touch of evergreen elegance to your home.

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