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Preserved green, although still little known, is full of great surprises! Perhaps you have heard about the “eternal ” Roses and Lichen. But you probably do not know about the existence of a huge variety of beautiful leaves, branches and flowers, of all sizes and shades. Even I did not imagine the existing range until a few years ago, and for these reasons we decided to create, with the help of Francesca Gentilini (our Floral Designer), our compositions, ranging in size, colours, perfumes and costs.

I will rattle off below a few hints, to let you understand what we are talking about!

The preserved Mash Reed, also called Elephant Reed, is characterised by small, light green reeds (similar to bamboo), with darker streaks, 70-80 cm long. The diameter is a few millimetres and is suitable for large natural bouquets. Then you can add some branches with leaves, or roses of your choice. Personally, I believe that the combination between Mash Reed and red roses is simple and wonderful. In addition, a further small detail is that our bunch is self-sustaining with no need for a vase and/or other supports. Evergreen elegance and simplicity.

The Preserved Solidago it is a herbaceous plant with copious yellow inflorescences, of the Asteraceae family. The yellow and its shades make this preserved plant the ideal to enliven the environment and bring some brightness. The branches are about 40/60 cm high and can be used to compose medium or large bouquets.

The Preserved Diosmi (scientific name Ozothamnus diosmifolius) is an erect and woody shrub, that belongs to the Asteraceae family and is endemic to eastern Australia. Common names for this species include rice flower and white dogwood. In its simplicity and with its white colour, it matches very well with the various preserved materials in the shades of green, and is suitable for multiple combinations. Its size, of 30/60 cm, makes it a right material for medium-sized bouquets.

Preserved Spring bouquet

In short, the idea that led us to create the preserved green bouquets is not only related to the duration, but we would like to create a new trend, to go beyond the usual flower compositions. Try searching online for a bunch or bouquet, or ask your florist. You will only see flowers and a few branches of greenery around. Our compositions aim at much more. They want to tell something new, linked to these completely natural materials and characterised by unique details.

To conclude, I leave you to a small comparison between the “living” material and the preserved one. In general, there are many advantages in favour of the preserved and I will mention the top three:
– our preserved green bouquets last for several years;
– our preserved green bouquets need no water, light or maintenance;
– our preserved green bouquets have a very low environmental impact, when compared to “living” greenery.

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