The Undergrowth

The Undergrowth
The Undergrowth

When I walk in the woods I feel curious and amazed all the time. Curious to know about flowers, leaves, fruits, mushrooms and some strange little animals, and amazed by grasping every time something I had never seen. Nature always surprises me, even when you find the same plant, grown differently than usual just because it is in full light, or for many other reasons.

In the undergrowth, moss is the uncontested ruler, and depending on its latitude can be more or less extended. Ferns are its standard-bearers, which soar above the moss taking different colours and shapes depending on the light.

We took great inspiration from the undergrowth for our preserved green materials, fully respecting its naturalness, guaranteed by the preservation process that leaves the materials soft and fragrant, making them beautiful and “eternal”.

Undergrowth products include:

Flat Moss, beautiful as a carpet to lie on;
Polemoss, whose shapes are round as the dunes of a desert and green as a meadow;
Lichen, soft and fluffy to caress;
Ferns, which with their small leaflets are a masterpiece of nature;
Tiki Fern, with its branches striking for the nuanced dark green;
Ivy, strong, exuberant and even a little intrusive, but with beautiful glossy leaves;
Maidenhair, so small and delicate with heart-shaped leaves;
Foxtail, with its small, needle-shaped leaves, and branches that look like the tail of a Fox.

To bring the undergrowth at home simply reproduce the effect you prefer. A picture, a wall or a vase: with Edenaria products they are easy to make and last over time without the need for maintenance!

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